We offer most primary care services including:

Annual Physicals, Sports Physicals
Diabetes Management and Care
Hypertension Management and Care
Cholesterol Management and Care
Women’s Health
Pediatric Care
Basic Lab Services

In addition to the primary care services, we also provide advanced services including:

Local and Topical Anesthesia
Digital block
Excisional Skin biopsy
Punch biopsy
Shave biopsy
Vulvar biopsy
Endometrial biopsy
Skin biopsy
Holter Monitor
Laceration repair
Needle aspiration of breast cysts
Skin tag removal
Wart treatment (peripheral and plantar)
Incision and drainage of abscesses
Lipoma removal
Removal of ingrown toenail
Cerumen Impaction Removal
Ganglion injection/aspiration
Tendinitis injection
Arthrocentesis — knee aspiration
Joint injection — shoulder, knee, elbow, wrist
Trigger finger injection
Incision and drainage of thrombosed hemorrhoids
Pap smear (and wet prep pap with HPV Sampling)
Cervical sampling (Wet smear and KOH preparation)
Cervical polyp removal
Bartholin’s marsupialization
Bartholin’s Word catheter placement
IUD insertion and removal
Barrier Contraceptives (diaphragm)
Neonatal circumcision
No-scalpel vasectomy
Bladder catheterization — Male and Female